History Quiz Questions and Answers

History Quiz Questions Round I

1.Which English Queen married Prince George of Denmark?
2.Blucher commanded which country’s troops at the Battle of Waterloo ?
3.Queen Elisabeth II’s grandfather was which monarch?
4.Who was the first Prince of Wales?
5.Whose last words are reputed to be “My neck is very slender”?
6.Which monarch was murdered in Berkeley Castle?
7.In what year did Edward VIII abdicate?
8.In Britain, who first held the office that today is known as Prime Minister?
9. In the 15th century which Duke was drowned in Malmsey wine?
10.Who ruled England between Henry I and Henry II ?

History Quiz Answers Round I

1. Anne
2. Prussian
3. George V
4. James I
5. Anne Boleyn
6. Edward II
7. 1936
8. Robert Walpole
9. Clarence
10. Stephen

History Quiz Questions Round II

1.What was the major cultural contribution of the Pharaoh Khufu ( 2589-2566 BC) ?
2.Julius Caesar defied the ruling Senate in 49 BC by marching his army across which river?
3.What was the philosophical work written by Lao Tzu around the sixth century BC that has remained an influence on Chinese ethical and religious thinking to modern times?
4.Who was beheaded on 18 May 1536? And which relation of hers was released from the Tower of London eighteen years later to the day?

5.How or why did ten days go missing in 1582?
6.Which nation revolted against Spanish occupation in 1572, commencing a struggle that was only ended by the 1648 Peace of Munster, which acknowledged their independence ?
7.In which city in 1979 were over ninety people taken hostage in the US embassy?
8. For what is Englishman Nicholas Breakspear best remembered?
9.Who was the president of Egypt who was assassinated at a military parade?
10. When did Israel seize control of the Old City of Jerusalem ?

History Quiz Answers Round II

1. The building of the Great Pyramid at Giza
3. Tao Te Ching, the classic work of Taoism:
4. Anne Boleyn: her daughter Elisabeth ( later Elisabeth I )
5.In the shift to the Gregorian calendar, ten days were missed to adjust the seasonal equinoxes to the right date
6. Netherlands ( including modern-day Belgium )
8.As the first ( land only) English Pope
10. 1967, during the Sixth Day War

History Quiz Questions Round III

1. Which is the name of the city-state created in 1929 within the city of Rome ?
2.In 1572, French Catholics completed a massacre which became known by what name, a reference to the saint associated with 23 August, the date of the event?
3.Who sacked Rome in AD 410 and 455 respectively?
4. On 24 April 1983, German magazine Stern published the first instalment of which controversial work?
5.Who was lord High Admiral of the British Fleet when they beat off the Spanish Armada in 1588?
6.Which French city was home to a number of antipopes, set up in opposition to Rome in the fourteenth century?
7.King Hussein bin Talal ruled which country for forty-seven years from 1952 until his death in 1990?
8.In which African country did the Mau Mau rebel against English colonial occupation 1952?
9.To which island was Napoleon Bonaparte exiled after abdicating as Emperor of France in 1814?
10.Whose regime in Cambodia was formally ended in January 1979?

History Quiz Answers Round III

2.St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
3.Visigoths and Vandals
4.The Hitler Diaries
5.Lord Howard of Effingham
10.Pol Pot

History Quiz Questions Round IV

1. Who was the first Protestant to inherit the French throne, even if he did convert to Catholicism eventually?
2.In 1301, Edward, heir to the throne became the first to hold which title, still existence today?
3.Five of the early kings of which land were named Baldwin?
4.What was the name of the ruling house of Italy from 1861 to 1946?
5.Who was King of Scotland in 1040- 1057, succeeding Duncan?
6.Which European ruling family provided Holy Roman emperors, Spanish monarchs and Austrian emperors as well as kings of Bohemia, Aragon, Sicily, Germany and Castile amongst other territories?
7.Who ascended the French throne in 1743, aged five and ruled for seventy-two years? What is the nickname history has accorded him, a tribute to the prosperity of France in that period.
8.Who was the first and the last monarchs of the House of Stuart?
9. The king of Spain, Juan Carlos, is a scion of which house, first ascending the throne in 1700 with Philip V ?

History Quiz Answers Round IV

1. Henri IV ( Henry of Navarre)
2.Prince of Wales
3.The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
4.House of Savoy
6. Habsburg
7.Louis XIV ( The Sun King)
8.James I and Anne

History Quiz Questions Round V

1. King Ptolemy I, founder of the last dynasty of ancient Egypt, first ruled the country after being appointed by which conqueror?
2.Charles, the second Earl Grey, who lent his name to the tea of that name , was famous for a passionate affair with which society belle?
3.In which European city was the world first university founded in the eleventh century?
4.Which trading company, founded 1602, sent the first Europeans to lay claim to the territory which is modern Indonesia?
5.What did the US Congress recommend be recited in schools in 1945?
6.Which three states, regarded as ‘slave states’ and southern in spirit, elected to remain within the original union during the US Civil war?
7.What was the name of the bodyguard of the Roman emperors ?
8.Who published the ‘Zinoviev Letter’ in 1924 and what was in it?
9.The Frank Family, written about in such detail in Anne Frank’s Diary, lived in which occupied European city during World War II ?
10.Which were the two principal protagonists in the Peloponnesian War in Greece ( 431-404 BC)?

History Quiz Answers Round V

1.Alexander the Great
2. Georgiana Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire
4.Dutch East India
5.Pledge of Allegiance
6.Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia
7.Praetorian Guard
8.Daily Mail
10.Athens and Sparta

History Quiz Questions Round VI

1.A castle was built near the fishing village of Edo in 1456, which modern city was in the first stages of its development?
2.In the USA, what was changed by a ratification to the twenty-sixth amendment on 30 June 1971
3. Which wars led to the secession of Hong Kong from China to Great Britain in 1842?
4. To what was the Australian settlement of Palmerston renamed in 1911?
5. 19 November 1975 saw the death f which European right-wing dictator after thirty-nine years in power?
6. Who was denounced by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in a famous speech in 1956?
7. From where did Justinian I , attempt to restore order of the ‘new’ Roman Empire?
8.Who was the Archbishop of Krakow from 1963 to 1978?
9.By what name do we now know the Roman town of Lutetia?
10. Who was the Austrian Foreign Minister who coordinated the alliance against Napoleon in 1812- 1813 ?

History Quiz Answers Round VI

1. Tokyo
2. Change in the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen
3. Opium Wars
4. Darwin
5. General Franco of Spain
6. Stalin
7. Constantinople
8. Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II
9. Paris
10. Metternich

History Quiz Questions Round VII

1.What was the german airforce called?
2.In which country was Albert Einstein born?
3.Who ended a momentous broadcast in 1936 with the words: “God bless you all, God Save the King” ?
4. Who in 1947, was Britain’s last Viceroy of India?
5.What was the nickname of Vincent Coll, a psychopathic gangster gunned down in a telephone booth in 1932?
6.What honour was bestowed on the island of Malta in 1942?
7. When hailed as a genius, who retorted: Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration?
8. What was Dwight D Eisenhower’s slogan when he ran for president in 1952 ?
9. In which church is Charles Dickens buried?
10.Which Russian – born, American engineer built his own helicopter in 1909 and the world’s first multi-engined aircraft in 1913?

History Quiz Answers Round VII

1. Luftwaffe
2. Germany
3.Edward VIII in his abdication speech
4. Lord Mountbatten
5. Mad Dog
6. The George Cross
7.Thomas Edison
8.I like Ike
9. Westminster Abbey
10. Igor Sikorsky

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