50 Multiple Choice General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Multiple choice general knowledge quizzes on different topics. You can find the correct answers of these general knowledge questions at the end of the quiz.

GENERAL Knowledge Questions

general knowledge questions


1. The Plaka is the oldest quarter of which city?

a. Athens
b. Prague
c. Rome
d. Vienna


2. What is an axolotl?

a. A nerve in the brain
b. A multi-axled vehicle
c. A type of mortice lock
d. A species of salamander


3. The Panama Canal was officially opened by which US president?

a. Calvin Coolidge
b. Herbert Hoover
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. Woodrow Wilson


4. In which opera did Maria Callas make her last appearance at Covent Garden?

a. ‘Carmen’
b. ‘Tosca’
c. ‘Madame Butterfly’
d. ‘La Boheme’


5. After Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel who is the next person mentioned in the Bible?

a. Enoch
b. Jubal
c. Lamech
d. Zillah


6. What is a kudzu?

a. Antelope
b. Bird
c. Jewish settlement
d. Climbing plant


7. Outlawed from 1603 to 1774, which Scottish clan was known as the ‘Faceless Clan’?

a. Campbell

b. MacGregor

c. MacLeod

d. MacDonald


8. From which country does tennis player Andres Gomez, winner of the 1990 French Championships, come?





General Knowledge Questions : Geography Questions


geography questions


9. Which US city is located on the Maumee River at Lake Erie?

a. Detroit

b. Toledo

c. Cleveland

d. Buffalo


10. Lisbon stands at the mouth of which river?

a. Seine

b. Duoro

c. Rio Grande

d. Tagus


11. What is the longest river in France?

a. Loire

b. Seine

c. Rhone

d. Gironde


12. In which Australian state is Darwin?

a. Queensland

b. Western Australia

c. Northern Territory

d. Tasmania


13. Apart from Rome, how many cities in Italy have a population of over one million?

a. Three: Milan, Naples and Turin

b. Two: Genoa and Venice

c. One:Ancona

d. Four:Florence, Bologna, Trieste and Palermo


14. What in America is the Palmetto state?

a. Florida

b. Louisiana

c. Alabama

d. South Carolina


15. In which ocean is Madagascar?

a. Atlantic

b. Pacific

c. Indian

d. Arctic


16. In which US city is the Sears Tower?

a. Boston
b. Chicago
c. St. Louis
d. San Francisco

General Knowledge Questions : Science and Technology Questions

science and technology quiz



17. Galena is an ore of which metal?

a. Copper
b. Lead
c. Zinc
d. Iron


18. Which sign of the zodiac comes between Leo and Libra?

a. Virgo
b. Taurus
c. Aries
d. Capricorn


19. Which planet is said to influence the way we communicate?

a. Venus
b. Mercury
c. Mars
d. Saturn


20. Are you a fire, air, water or earth sign if you were born under Aquarius?

a. Fire
b. Water
c. Air
d. Earth


21. Which star sign is the first sign of the zodiac?

a. Pisces
b. Capricorn
c. Taurus
d. Aries


22. If you were born on New Year’s Day, which is your astrological sign?

a. Aries
b. Cancer
c. Capricorn
d. Leo


23. What is the ruling planet of Scorpio?

a. Pluto
b. Venus
c. Earth
d. Saturn


24. Pisces and Scorpio are two of the water signs, name the third.

a. Aquarius
b. Sagittarius
c. Cancer
d. Leo

General Knowledge Questions : Sport Questions


sport questions


25. At which sport in the 1960s did Peggy Fleming become a household name?

a. Equestrian

b. Tennis

c. Sprinting

d. Figure skating


26. Who revolutionised high jumping when he used his flop technique to win an Olympic gold medal in Mexico in 1968?

a. Dick Fosbury

b. Mick Cadbury

c. Nick Fosdyke

d. Vic Foster


27. What nationality was tennis player John Newcombe?

a. British

b. Canadian

c. Irish

d. Australian


28. About which golfer did the great Bobby Jones remark : “He is playing an entirely different game – a game I’m not even familiar with.” ?

a. Gary Player

b. Tiger Woods

c. Jack Nicklaus

d. Peter Allis


29. Which tennis player, famous for her two-handed backhand and baseline-dominated play was nicknamed ‘The Ice Maiden’?

a. Steffi Graf

b. Chris Evert

c. Evonne Cawley

d. Kim Clijsters


30. Who was the Argentinian racing driver ( 1911 – 1995 ) who won five world championships and was team leader of Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati?

a. Juan Manuel Fangio

b. Alberto Ascari

c. Giuseppe Farina

d. Jose Gonzales


31. Which Italian jockey rode his first winner Lizzy Hare, at Goodwood in 1987?

a. Giovanni Forte

b. Diego Dettori

c. Uto Viaggi

d. Frankie Dettori


32. With which baseball team did Jose DiMaggio achieve icon status in the 1940s?

a. Chicago Bears

b. New York Yankees

c. Baltimore Batters

d. Cleveland Steelers


General Knowledge Questions : Food Questions

food questions


33. What type of cheese is Stilton?

a. Blue

b. Green

c. Hard

d. Mouldy


34. What do you add to milk to make porridge?

a. Cruel

b. Oats

c. Sugar

d. Whisky


35. What is minestrone?

a. Cheese

b. Noodles

c. A type of potato

d. Soup


36. What is bottled tomato sauce called?

a. Brown sauce

b. HP sauce

c. Ketchup

d. Piccalilli


37. What colour is gin?

a. Colourless

b. Blue

c. Green

d. Yellow


38. Which fruit is covered with toffee at a fairground?

a. Banana

b. Apple

c. Carrot

d. Pear


39. Which nuts are used to make marzipan?

a. Almonds

b. Chestnuts

c. Hazelnuts

d. Walnuts


40. What meat dish is Cumberland famous for?

a. Bacon

b. Deep-fried Mars Bars

c. Ribs

d. Sausage

General Knowledge Questions : British History Questions




41. Which British monarch succeeded Queen Victoria?

a. Elizabeth II

b. Edward VI

c. Edward VII

d. George VII


42. Richard III died at which battle?

a. Bosworth Field

b. Barnet

c. Hastings

d. York


43. Who was the last viceroy of India?

a. Clive

b. George VI

c. Prince Louis of Battenburg

d. Lord Louis Mountbatten


44. Which English monarch married Eleanor of Aquitaine?

a. Henry II

b. Henry IV

c. Henry VI

d. Henry VIII


45. Who was the last wife of Henry VIII?

a. Anne of Cleves

b. Catherine of Aragon

c. Catherine Howard

d. Catherine Parr


46. Which country did Britain fight in the War of Jenkins’ Ear?

a. France

b. Ireland

c. Spain



47. Which King George did Prince Regent become?

a. George IV

b. George III

c. George II

d. George I


48. At the Siege of Mafeking, who led the British forces?

a. Robert Baden-Powell

b. Colonel B. T. Mahon

c. Fieldmarshal Bernard Montgomery

d. Louis Mountbatten


49. The House of Lancaster kings were all called what?

a. Charles

b. Edward

c. George

d. Henry


50. Apart from Mad George, which kinder nickname did George III have?

a. Big George

b. Farmer Giles

c. Farmer George

d. Happy George


General Knowledge Questions and Answers


  1. a) Athens
  2. d) A species of salamander
  3. d) Woodrow Wilson
  4. b) Tosca
  5. a) Enoch
  6. a) Antelope
  7. b) MacGregor
  8. a) Ecuador
  9. b) Toledo
  10. d) Tagus
  11. a) Loire
  12. c) Northern Territory
  13. a) Three: Milan, Naples and Turin
  14. d) South Carolina
  15. c) Indian
  16. b) Chicago
  17. b) Lead
  18. a) Virgo
  19. b) Mercury
  20. d) Air
  21. d) Aries
  22. c) Capricorn
  23. b) Pluto
  24. c) Cancer
  25. d) Figure skating
  26. a) Dick Fosbury
  27. d) Australian
  28. c) Jack Nicklaus
  29. b) Chris Evert
  30. a) Juan Manuel Fangio
  31. d) Frankie
  32. b) New York Yankees
  33. a) Blue
  34. b) Oats
  35. d) Soup
  36. c) Ketchup
  37. a) Colourless
  38. b) Apple
  39. a) Almonds
  40. d) Sausage
  41. c) Edward VII
  42. a) Bosworth Field
  43. d) Lord Louis Mountbatten
  44. a) Henry II
  45. d) Catherine Parr
  46. c) Spain
  47. a) George IV
  48. a) Robert Baden-Powell
  49. d) Henry
  50. c) Farmer George


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