30 Inventors Questions



  1. What was invented by Lazlo and Georg Biro?
  2. Which fashion item is Oscar Levi Strauss responsible for?
  3. What nationality was motor vehicle pioneer Gottlieb Daimler?
  4. What was developed by Andre and Edouard Michelin?
  5. What type of pen did Lewis Waterman invent?
  6. Which air cushion vehicle was invented by Christopher Cockerell?
  7.  Which engine used in aircraft was invented by Sir Frank Whittle?
  8.  What did John Logie Baird invent, first called “seeing by wireless”?
  9. Which communication system is Alexander Graham Bell famous for?
  10. Who invented a code made up of dots and dashes?
  11. For whom did Louis Braille develop his writing system?
  12. Which method of food preservation did Clarence Birdseye invent?
  13. What type of lamp is Humphry Davy famous for?
  14. Which predecessor of the CD player did Thomas Edison create?
  15. Which breakfast food was developed by Will Keith Kellogg in 1898?
  16. Which invention is Marconi known for?
  17. Which company’s motto “Small is beautiful”, was founded in the late 1940’s and developed the Walkman?
  18. Which explosive was invented by Alfred Nobel?
  19. What type of milk did Louis Pasteur give his name to, because of the treatment it undergoes?
  20. In which source of power were Volta and Ampere pioneers?
  21. What powered James Watt’s engine in 1765?
  22. What would you use Isaac Singer’s invention for?
  23. In which room would you be most likely to use the inventions of Kenneth Wood – known to his friends as Ken?
  24. At what sort of party might you see, the invention of Earl W. Tupper?
  25. Which frozen confection was originally called Eskimo pie?
  26. Which Earl invented a snack of meat between two slices of bread?
  27. What was special about the fabric Charles Macintosh invented?
  28. Which essential for foreign tourists was invented by American Express?
  29. George Eastman developed an easy to use hand-held what?
  30. What type of aircraft is Sikorsky famous for?



  1. Ball-point pen.
  2. Jeans.
  3. German.
  4. Tyres.
  5. Fountain pen.
  6. Hovercraft.
  7. Jet.
  8. Television.
  9. Telephone.
  10. Morse.
  11. Blind people.
  12. Deep freezing.
  13. Safety lamp.
  14. Gramophone.
  15. Cornflakes.
  16. Wireless.
  17. Sony.
  18. Dynamite.
  19. Pasteurized.
  20. Electricity.
  21. Steam.
  22. Sewing.
  23. Kitchen.
  24. Tupperware.
  25. Choc ice.
  26. Sandwich.
  27. Waterproof.
  28. Traveller’s cheque.
  29. Camera.
  30. Helicopters.