30 Medical Quiz Questions


A collection of medical quiz questions and answers on various topics related to medicine and health. You can find the correct answers at the end of each round – have fun!

30 Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What are the initials for the human form of BSE?

2. Which letter is used to denote the bird flu virus?

3. A hysterectomy involves removal of what?

4. Osteoporosis is a weakness and brittleness of what?

5. In which decade did a report first appear in the US saying smoking could damage health?

6. What was the nationality of the founder of the Red Cross?

7. Penicillin was the first what?

8. Ebola is also known as which disease?

9. What does S stand for in AIDS?

10. Appendicitis causes pain where?

Round 1 Answers

1. CJD
2. H
3. Womb
4. Bones
5. the 1960s
6. Swiss
7. Antibiotic
8. Legionnaire’s
9. Syndrome
10. Abdomen

Medical Quiz: Round 2

11. Which insects cause bubonic plague?

12. Which disease – more common in children – is also called varicella?

13. What causes cholera – contaminated water, insects or malnutrition?

14. Which part of the body is affected by conjunctivitis?

15. The infection of wounds by what can bring on tetanus?

16. Which of the following is not a blood group – AB, O or T?

17. What sort of flies transmit sleeping sickness?

18. Cranial osteopathy involves the manipulation of which bones?

19. Reflexologists massage which part of the body?

20. Shiatsu is a massage technique from which country?

Round 2 answers

11.  Fleas
12. Chickenpox
13. Contaminated water
14. Eyes
15. Soil
16. T
17. Tsetse flies
18. Skull
19. Feet
20. Japan

Medical and Health Questions: Round 3

21. Anabolic steroids are used to repair or build what?

22. What does an analgesic drug do?

23. What does the H stand for in HIV?

24. In which part of the body is the human’s longest bone?

25. Hypertension is another name for what?

26. What is the most common element in the human body?

27. After the skin, what is the next largest human organ?

28. What is another name for the sternum?

29. What do the initials G.P. stand for?

30. Where was the first ambulance used?

Round 3 Answers

21. Muscles
22. Alleviate pain
23. Human
24. Thigh
25. High blood pressure
26.  Oxygen
27. Liver
28. Breastbone
29. General Practitioner
30. France